In the previous episode of Spinning On Air you met Pete Mauney, and you heard him photographing fireflies. For that episode, Pete and I rendezvoused at a local farm, where there was an amazing concentration of fireflies. In the podcast the camera shutter clicks, a dog barks, a motorcycle drives by, and Pete talks about what he’s doing and answers a few of my questions. That slow pace was very comfortable on a dark summer night. I think you feel the calm of concentration. I’m happy to say that his episode might be even less eventful, and it sounds a little different.

In part one Pete said that there’s an interesting audio component to the next location we visited. He’s right, and you’ll hear it has a to do with what was towering above us there.

Pete directed me to drive about 10 minutes from the farm where we recorded part 1, to meet with him, his cameras, and still more fireflies.


Photo of Pete Mauney: David Garland / background image: Pete Mauney / all fireflies photos: Pete Mauney

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