Spinning On Air® connects us to people who think creatively about what they do. Originals, whose ideas and perspectives can open us up to being more creatively aware in our own lives. Hosted and produced by David Garland, Spinning On Air began as radio broadcast on WNYC in New York City 30 years ago, and now originates independently from a little studio at the edge of the woods in the Hudson Valley of upstate New York. From this spot outside the mainstream, we get in touch with the new decentralized artistic imagination that’s bubbling up all around us.

Series 1: Vivid Voices

The Spinning On Air podcast begins with a series of episodes focusing on singers and song. Using the body and breath to bring ideas into the world is a basic, fundamental creative action. It can also be abstract and magical, with the power to touch us deeply. There is no more personal sound than our voices, and these interviews let you encounter three thoughtful singers from three different eras and styles, each of whom illuminates their work with insight and care.

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